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Company Profile

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Our Story

Amaltheia Yada P.C. was established in 2013 in Athens, GREECE and is one of the leading export companies in Greece. We are specialized in importing, exporting, sorting, packaging and standardizing only the highest quality of agricultural products from Greece, Poland, Egypt and other countries all around the world.

From the very start Amaltheia Yada has experienced constant demand for fresh quality fruits and vegetables. After, achieving many important partnerships and collaborations with Greek producers and foreign wholesalers/distributors, Amaltheia Yada has become one of the leading companies in Greece in the trading sector of fresh fruits and vegetables. Due to the great demand for Greek fruits in Egypt, Amaltheia Yada has established a branch there and has become one of the main suppliers of the Egyptian fruits domestic market.

By trading only high-quality fruits and vegetables we have accomplished to became one of the top brand names of the leading importing companies in the markets of The Gulf, Middle East, Northern Africa and East-Western Europe, with an annual export capacity over 1400 containers.

Our Vision

Our love and dedication to high quality products has led us to become one of the leading companies in Greece and Egypt as importers and exporters of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Our vision is to become one of the largest exporters of fresh fruits and vegetables in the Mediterranean. Other target markets such as India, China, Canada and South America are part of our future expansion plans.

Export Services

Our Exports Service team is consisted of high skilled experts, navigates the latest regulations, minimizes paperwork, expedites transit and lowers shipping costs with truly personalized service. We help our clients complete importing procedures in the fastest and most reliable way, from the original order to the product delivery at the importer’s door.

Our core philosophy is to provide guidance and control at every step of the export process:export services

  • quality check
  • packaging
  • transportation
  • customs clearance
  • insurance and shipping

We cooperate closely and can obtain competitive prices with the leading international shipping lines that offer global services.

We also can provide integrated network of resources of road, rail and air transportation upon request.

Whether you choose to ship goods using air or ocean freights, you can depend on our experienced professionals to advice you on the fastest, safest and best value carrier for all of your import and export services.

Amaltheia’s Export Services offer the best product quality guarantee, coordination of worldwide transport arrangements, support for full containers load, consolidation of multiple suppliers, arrangements for hazardous and oversized cargo, weekly consolidation shipments and much more!

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