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With heavy foliage to shade it from the scorching Greek sun, this tomato is famous for being large and regularly shaped. The stunning color varies from yellow to red as it matures, while it is usually disease and blemish free. Uniform, baseball-sized fruits are the trademark of this variety developed in sunny Greece. Resistant to sunburn, cracks and spots. Perfect blossom ends resemble those of greenhouse tomatoes. Fruits have a pleasant, mild flavor and virtually refuse to rot, even when completely red and ripe.

Varieties: Greek varieties

*Indicative Starting price: € 0.70 / kg

MOQs: 1 x 40ft container (21 pallets) or 1 x full truck (26 pallets)

*Starting prices (EXW) may differentiate according to caliber, variety, demand, weather conditions, seasonality and stock levels.