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Our Greek Kiwis are considered as one of the highest-ranking fruits internationally in terms of quality. The flesh is green and contains small black little seeds down in the middle of the pulp. Its flavor is refreshing and sweet with a smooth bitter aftertaste.

We trade mostly the Hayward variety as it is most commonly traded in EU. Other varieties include Green Light and Tsehelidis. In terms of availability we have stocks from late October up to June.

We only select fruits with minimum brix +6.5 and ideally zero skin damages. All varieties can be packed in 1 layered (3kg net weight) or loose boxes (10kg net weight) and in plastic trays (1kg net weight).

Varieties: Hayward, Green Light, Tsehelidis.

*Indicative Starting price: 0.62€/kg

MOQs: 1 x 40ft container (21 pallets) or 1 x full truck (26 pallets)

*Starting prices (EXW) may differentiate according to caliber, variety, demand, weather conditions, seasonality and stock levels.

Kiwi Cal./SizeFruit Grams
23137 - 150
25125 - 137
27110 -125
30100 -110
3392 - 100
3684 -92
3978 - 84
4272 - 78
4664 - 72
4952 - 64